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11 Websites to Help you ID Insects

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bug20903Many people who really love the outdoors are still unreasonably bugged by bugs. And although mosquitoes, no-see-ums, deer flies and other biting insects can certainly make outdoor activities unpleasant, most other garden insects are relatively harmless and some are even beneficial insects.

So instead of trying to get rid of all of the bugs in your yard, why not get to know them, instead. You might find that the insects you have been chasing away are really quite beneficial.


1) What’s that bug? Browse through photos or submit one of your own and they’ll help you ID it.

2) Featured Creatures: Featured Creatures provides in-depth profiles of insects, nematodes, arachnids and other organisms.

3) North American Insects and Spiders: A catalog of over 7,000 high-resolution close-up pictures of live, wild insects and spiders with descriptions and natural history.

4) Bugguide : Identification, Images, & Information For Insects, Spiders & Their Kin For the United States & Canada

5) Insects.org: studying earth’s most diverse organisms

6) Picture Gallery of Insects : Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery

7) Insect Identification for the Casual Observer: – includes insects by state

8) Amateur Entomologists Society

9) ID Nature Guides

10) Butterflies and Moths of North America

11) Online Insect Identification Tool – UW Madison Department of Entomology

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