10 Tips for Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden

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It is hard to deny the magic that wildlife adds to a home landscape. Birds provide background music. Butterflies perform beautiful ballets as they dance from flower to flower. Squirrels and hummingbirds provide acrobatic displays that elicit both laughter and awe. Providing for these garden creatures allows you to help the environment while bringing a close-up view of nature that … Read More

My Dad

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My dad died when I was only 19 and I never really had another father figure after that. Both my grandfathers had already passed away and my mother never remarried. Maybe the lack of a strong male role model in my life says something about who I am today: independent and capable of doing a lot of the “manly” things … Read More

Indian River Lagoon Problems: Dark Cloud with a Silver Lining?

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I was standing in my garden this morning, watching the visiting monarch butterflies, and listening to the hummingbirds buzzing and zipping through the air as they chased each other in search of their favorite nectar plants. I gazed across the front of my property as bees travelled from flower to flower of the native lyre-leaf sage and spiderwort plants pushing … Read More

Be Still and Know…..

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“We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence.” –Mother Theresa There are some places on this earth that affect everyone in an almost spiritual way. Whether the places actually have spiritual energy, or are just so awe-inspiring and beautiful that they turn visitor’s thoughts to God is of … Read More

Florida Wildlife Hospital Helps Foster Florida Wildlife

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I have been fortunate enough to have screech owls nest on my property on several occasions. I love the huge barred owls, but the little screechers have a cute, lovable personality all their own. So I really enjoyed learning about the surrogate screech owl daddy that they have at the Florida Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary in Melbourne. Here is the article, … Read More

Inspired by Nature

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Nature has always been a very important part of my life thanks, in part, to the influence of my parents. When we were kids, my mother would take us to a beautiful little patch of woods (The Mount) where we could walk on shady, leaf-covered paths and learn about all of the wonders of nature. Sometimes, she would collect leaves … Read More

Grief – How to Survive

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Sure, everyone knows that death is an inevitable fact of life. But no matter what you think you know about life and death or love and loss, when the grief from the loss of a loved one hits you, you realize that you didn’t know anything. One of the many, MANY thoughts that go through your head at the beginning of … Read More

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