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An Ode To Bernie’s Mittens

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Cold Hands, Warm Heart

An Ode To Bernie’s Mittens

       by Betsy S. Franz


We’re making fun of Bernie

But we’re doing it with love

Why did he wear those mittens?

Perhaps he lost a  glove?


But the memes are going crazy

Showing Bernie everywhere

With his paper mask and mittened hands

And his plain black folding chair.


When asked about the phenom

He said in perfect Bernie form

“I was trying to pay attention,

I was trying to stay warm.”


We aren’t laughing at you Bernie

We’re letting off some steam

From this brutal time in history

When our stress is so extreme


But Bernie didn’t rant or pout

Or act the sullen jerk

He decided he would take the chance

To make this new fad work


So he used the pic, and made some shirts

And put them up for sale

And sold them to raise money

To benefit  the frail.


Yes, there were lots of stars this week

Kamala and Joe for sure

And we can’t forget Amanda

Whose poem caused a stir


But even in his own sweet way

Bernie did his part

Living to the legend of

Cold hands mean a warm heart

““The problems we face, did not come down from the heavens. They are made, they are made by bad human decisions, and good human decisions can change them.”

Bernie Sanders

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