11 Websites to Help you ID Insects

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Many people who really love the outdoors are still unreasonably bugged by bugs. And although mosquitoes, no-see-ums, deer flies and other biting insects can certainly make outdoor activities unpleasant, most other garden insects are relatively harmless and some are even beneficial insects. So instead of trying to get rid of all of the bugs in your yard, why not get … Read More

10 Reasons there will be Trees in Heaven

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Oh course, none of us really knows what happens after we die. But I have this theory about Heaven. I think that if there is a Heaven, then it will be filled with everything that we took the time to love and appreciation in this lifetime. If you love something, then you get to spend eternity with it. So when … Read More

Hurricane Hummingbirds

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Albert Einstein once said “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” On the morning of Sunday, September 5th, 2004, when 75 mph winds from hurricane Frances were ravaging Brevard County, Florida we all had the opportunity to decide which way we … Read More

Plants that Attract Hummingbirds to Florida Gardens

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Below is a list of plants that have been recognized for attracting hummingbirds in Florida. All plants are linked to pages for more information. If you know of any plants that should be added (plants the hummingbirds love in your yard) contact me and I will add them when I get the chance. Also, I created this list several years … Read More

Attracting hummingbirds in Florida

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One of the most stunning and sometimes surprising joys of a wildlife friendly landscape is the presence of hummingbirds. Many people believe that there aren’t any hummingbirds in central Florida. These tiny birds are fast and elusive and often go un-noticed by gardeners who think that the only trick to attracting them is hanging up a nectar feeder. It is … Read More

How I Became a Nature Nerd

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I’ve always liked nature and wildlife but my interest really took off back in the early 1970’s. My mother came home from a trip to Oklahoma and told me that my Aunt Fran (aka Miss Fran from Story Land if you grew up out there) had her yard certified as a National Wildlife Federation (NWF)Backyard Wildlife Habitat . Knowing my … Read More

10 Tips for Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden

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It is hard to deny the magic that wildlife adds to a home landscape. Birds provide background music. Butterflies perform beautiful ballets as they dance from flower to flower. Squirrels and hummingbirds provide acrobatic displays that elicit both laughter and awe. Providing for these garden creatures allows you to help the environment while bringing a close-up view of nature that … Read More

Indian River Lagoon Problems: Dark Cloud with a Silver Lining?

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I was standing in my garden this morning, watching the visiting monarch butterflies, and listening to the hummingbirds buzzing and zipping through the air as they chased each other in search of their favorite nectar plants. I gazed across the front of my property as bees travelled from flower to flower of the native lyre-leaf sage and spiderwort plants pushing … Read More

Be Still and Know…..

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My yard is just magical this morning. I have tried to make a video to show how completely silent it is out there: nothing but birds and wind rustling through the trees. For some reason, I can’t record it. There is a noise in the background that must be the motor of the video camera. It is not only silent, … Read More

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