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Being Mindful?

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I was looking for magazines similar to Spirituality and Health the other day, so I could find some more magazines that might like some of my articles.  There appear to be a few magazines about mindfulness and consciousness and flow. I always thought “being mindful” meant really paying attention to what you are doing. When you are in the shower, focus on the feeling and the sound of the water hitting your body. When you are eating, think about the plants and the chickens  (which would be kind of hard for me to do while I was eating them).

Anyway, I thought mindfulness was about directing your thoughts to be present in the moment. And maybe that’s what it is. I have a hard time with that because I have a very active mind AND I usually want to discuss what I am thinking or write about what I am thinking at any give moment. So I am very “unmindful” of what I am often doing because my brain already wants to do something else — write about it or discuss it. This often results in fun things like washing a load of laundry only to find out that you left a kleenex in a pocket and now there are little pieces of tissue on EVERYTHING. Or, taking something out of the freezer and not closing it all the way and waking up to a frosty freezer that now needs to be cleaned and defrosted. So even though I SHOULD be in there working on the “Florida snow” in my freezer, I really want to have a discussion about mindfulness instead. What does “Being Mindful” mean to you?

Magazines that might explain mindfulness: Spirituality & Health , Mindful Magazine  

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