Reconstructing Me

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Before I met my late husband, I was a very capable woman. I did a LOT of things for myself, including building some of my own furniture. I never really doubted how capable I was. But then I married a guy who was so much better than I was at so many things, that I quickly just let him take … Read More

Pontus Jansson Shares Inner Peace Through His Work

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“The real meditation is how you live your life.” Jon Kabat- Zinn One of my new favorite artists that I have learned about in the last few years is Pontus Jansson, an artist from the island of Öland in Sweden. Jansson is a multi-talented artist who has created a name for himself just by doing what he loves and sharing … Read More

Tithing to Things that Make My Heart Sing

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” As more people opt for spiritual growth outside organized religion, we tithe to the individuals or organizations who provide us with spiritual nourishment – those who support our spiritual growth or remind us of who we are.” Dr. Kyre Adept, the Spiritual Law of Tithing There was a time when I attended church on a regular basis. It was a Unity Church and … Read More

Rock solid love

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My husband and I used to collect rocks when we traveled to different places. When he passed away, I had a LOT of rocks. Most of them have been incorporated into my home and garden in different ways. This is a heart that I made. I used a wire heart shaped frame and covered it with wire mesh and filled … Read More

Upcycled wooden cabinet

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I have always loved thrift stores and often buy something with the intention of turning it into something else. This cabinet was originally painted green and the front panels of the doors were solid wood.  I stripped it, stained it, removed the wood panels and made stained glass panels to replace the wood. This is an OLD project. I’m guessing … Read More

Gourd Art

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This is my first attempt at gourd art. I bought dried gourds at a local gourd show and cut the top off and cleaned out the inside. Most of the materials used were items that my husband and I collected from our yard or different places that we traveled. They include: 1) Small grapevine wreath Tom made 2) Leather lacing … Read More