An Ode To Bernie’s Mittens

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Cold Hands, Warm Heart An Ode To Bernie’s Mittens        by Betsy S. Franz   We’re making fun of Bernie But we’re doing it with love Why did he wear those mittens? Perhaps he lost a  glove?   But the memes are going crazy Showing Bernie everywhere With his paper mask and mittened hands And his plain black … Read More

How John Mulaney Helped Save My Life

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John Mulaney helped save my life. Okay, it wasn’t just John Mulaney. It was Tom Segura, Nick Swardson, Chad Daniels, Dan Cummins, Mark Normand and a whole lot of other comedians I had never heard of before. But John Mulaney was the first. You may think that sounds like the punchline to a good joke. And if you hear it … Read More