Closer to God

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There was a time when I was closer to God. During that time, I woke up in a state of near bliss. All of my senses were clearer and more finely tuned. Every beautiful sight, every wonderful fragrance, every sensual touch wasn’t just like nourishment to my starving soul – they were pieces of my soul coming back together to … Read More

Manifesting Miracles

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I was only in my twenties when I started dreaming about and planning my perfect life. But I didn’t just think about what I wanted and put the dream up on a shelf somewhere. I went about trying to “manifest” it. I have always enjoyed reading self-improvement and motivational books and one of the topics I learned about back then … Read More

Reconstructing Me

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Before I met my late husband, I was a very capable woman. I did a LOT of things for myself, including building some of my own furniture. I never really doubted how capable I was. But then I married a guy who was so much better than I was at so many things, that I quickly just let him take … Read More

You Only Live Once!

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You Only Live Once You only live once. What a terrible shame To not really enjoy it, and place all the blame On money or fate, or a world filled with strife Not seeing that WE can create our own life. We only have ONCE to make life a pleasure. The clock is fast-ticking. It’s act now or never. Get … Read More

Zen and the Art of Landscape Maintenance

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“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” ~ Buddha Most people today seem to be constantly busy –constantly rushing from one place to another — constantly texting or talking on cell phones or checking the internet or listening to music. The big problem with that, for me anyway, is that my … Read More

Finding Your “Gee” Spot

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“If the stars came out only once in a lifetime, all of us would be out to see them and would be left speechless by the grandeur of that sight…but when they shine every night we go for months without ever looking up.” ~ R.S. Adams I think everybody needs to find their own “Gee” spot…..their own little spot in … Read More

Finding Me

“Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” — Epictetus I’ve been a lot of different people in my life. Not very many of them were really me. Because I was such an insecure child, I became both a straight-A honor student and a sullen argumentative “hippie”, to impress both my parents and my peers at the same … Read More

All The Way

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  Okay. So nothing lasts forever. Your pets will die. Your job will end. Your kids will grow and move away. Your life will end. The world will end. Sure as the nighttime brings an end to every day.   So surely love can never last How can anything as delicate and rare As fragile and as meaningful as love … Read More

Life in the Slow Lane

I used to always seem to be running late. I’d wake up in the morning early enough to have plenty of time to get to where I wanted to go. But by the time I found myself on the road headed for my destination, it was obvious that I was going to be late. So I’d strap on my seatbelt, … Read More

Finding My Religion

Over 20 years ago, on a rainy weekend, I sat down and wrote my own religion. The rainy-day boredom had me thumbing through a small, dog-eared dictionary when I came upon this definition: “religion: a specific system of belief built around a philosophy of life”. So I figured by that definition, my own personal beliefs and philosophies were, indeed, my … Read More

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