Barred Owls – Symbols of Power and Protection

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I live on a beautiful two-acre piece of wooded property that is home to a lot of wonderful wildlife. One of my favorite creatures that have always been here, even before we built our home, are the barred owls. Barred owls are HUGE birds with wingspans that can reach up to almost four feet. They are also very good at … Read More

Birds, butterflies and other blessings

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The first thing I do every morning, even though it is still dark when I wake up, is to go outside and take a walk around our little woods and start counting the birds and other forms of wildlife that make up my daily blessings. My eyes are usually still blurred with sleep and that, combined with the darkness of … Read More

Finding Your “Gee” Spot

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“If the stars came out only once in a lifetime, all of us would be out to see them and would be left speechless by the grandeur of that sight…but when they shine every night we go for months without ever looking up.” ~ R.S. Adams I think everybody needs to find their own “Gee” spot…..their own little spot in … Read More

The Depth of a Fisherman

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“To go fishing is the chance to wash one’s soul with pure air, with the rush of the brook, or with the shimmer of sun on blue water. It brings meekness and inspiration from the decency of nature…all men are equal before fish.”- – Herbert Hoover When I was growing up, I never really understood why people liked fishing. I … Read More

Getting Used to Tortoise Poop

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I often step in tortoise poop. At least that’s what I think it is. When we built our home many years ago, we were determined not to disturb the local wildlife that lived on this particular piece of the earth so we squeezed our 3600 square foot home in between the trees and other native plants that were here before … Read More

Living with nature

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I feel like such a geek sometimes – a complete nerd – when it comes to nature. I spend my time on my property kneeling down to get eye to eye with tortoises and slugs and caterpillars. When I am wandering around, binoculars in hand, scanning the tree tops in search of some elusive bird that I hear but can’t … Read More

Why there will be trees in Heaven

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  Oh course, none of us really knows what happens after we die. But I have this theory about Heaven. I think that if there is a Heaven, then it will be filled with everything that we took the time to love and appreciation in this lifetime. If you love something, then you get to spend eternity with it. So … Read More

Passion Play

My date and I had just finished a quiet, candlelight dinner for two. Afterward, we stood on the boardwalk overlooking a beautiful full moon glistening off of silvery waves. We stood, wrapped in each other’s arms, listening to the crashing of the surf for several minutes in total silence. I peered into his eyes as he looked out over the … Read More

Orchid from Heaven

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I don’t really remember how my  husband Tom and I got interested in orchids. Gardening was a hobby for both of us before we met.  He was more interested in growing plants for food, and had a large vegetable garden in his backyard. I was interested in birds and butterflies although back then, I knew nothing about host plants and … Read More

Into the woods, paradise found

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Some of my fondest memories as a child are of the Sunday afternoon walks through the woods that my mother, my sisters and I took when I was growing up in New Jersey. Up north, the woods were different. The trees were tall, full, and varied, and there were actual hills to make the walk more of a challenge and … Read More

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