An Ode To Bernie’s Mittens

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Cold Hands, Warm Heart An Ode To Bernie’s Mittens        by Betsy S. Franz   We’re making fun of Bernie But we’re doing it with love Why did he wear those mittens? Perhaps he lost a  glove?   But the memes are going crazy Showing Bernie everywhere With his paper mask and mittened hands And his plain black … Read More

You Only Live Once!

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You Only Live Once You only live once. What a terrible shame To not really enjoy it, and place all the blame On money or fate, or a world filled with strife Not seeing that WE can create our own life. We only have ONCE to make life a pleasure. The clock is fast-ticking. It’s act now or never. Get … Read More

All The Way

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  Okay. So nothing lasts forever. Your pets will die. Your job will end. Your kids will grow and move away. Your life will end. The world will end. Sure as the nighttime brings an end to every day.   So surely love can never last How can anything as delicate and rare As fragile and as meaningful as love … Read More