The Beauty of Alzheimer’s

My mother is losing her eyesight, so when we get together, I read the clues to her so she can still do crossword puzzles. “It’s a long word,” I say.  “It means ‘tardy one’”. “Latecomer?” she responds. Darn, how does she do that? It’s hard enough to do crosswords when you are looking at the squares and the adjoining letters. … Read More


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There is something that sailing, windsurfing and riding a bicycle all have in common.  That something is balance.  To stay erect and enjoy the ride, you can’t exert too much pressure either one way or the other.  You have to learn to just “be” almost give up the desire to control the situation, and just relax and work with the … Read More

Passion Play

My date and I had just finished a quiet, candlelight dinner for two. Afterward, we stood on the boardwalk overlooking a beautiful full moon glistening off of silvery waves. We stood, wrapped in each other’s arms, listening to the crashing of the surf for several minutes in total silence. I peered into his eyes as he looked out over the … Read More

My Own Mother Nature

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Nature has always been a very important part of my life thanks, in part, to the influence of my own mother. My mother was an artist at heart. She loved to garden, paint and dabble in various forms of arts and crafts. When we were kids, she would take us to a beautiful little patch of woods (The Mount) where … Read More

My Dad

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My dad died when I was only 19 and I never really had another father figure after that. Both my grandfathers had already passed away and my mother never remarried. Maybe the lack of a strong male role model in my life says something about who I am today: independent and capable of doing a lot of the “manly” things … Read More

Grief – How to Survive

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Sure, everyone knows that death is an inevitable fact of life. But no matter what you think you know about life and death or love and loss, when the grief from the loss of a loved one hits you, you realize that you didn’t know anything. One of the many, MANY thoughts that go through your head at the beginning of … Read More

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