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Don’t waste your vote!!

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I’ve been thinking about my mom a lot lately. Not just because I love her and miss her but because of something she bugged me and nagged me about for a good part of my life. Voting. I have NEVER paid any attention to politics. I still don’t, when I can avoid them and, of course, this year we can’t. But because I wasn’t really well informed, politically, I didn’t think it made any sense for me to vote and she nagged/bugged me endlessly about this. I am saying this with love because she was absolutely right and she was trying to teach me the value of my “one small vote”. For a long time after I was OLD enough to vote, I never even registered. I’m not sure when I first started voting but still, I usually only vote in the presidential elections.

Now, of course, I understand completely how frustrating it is to want people to respect their right to vote and to learn enough to make the choice that they think is best for their country. Sure, I would like be able to convince everyone to vote the same way I will. But where is the democracy in that?

I won’t let politics affect my relationships with my friends. I know we all don’t agree on politics. But if someone tells me they aren’t GOING to vote, I might just have to try to persuade them. Even if they think I am nagging them or bugging them. Nobody’s vote is “one small vote”. Every vote counts. It’s not something you can leave up to the other guy. I vote for myself, for my country and even for my mother, because she can’t anymore. But if she could, I know who she would be voting for.

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